About Us

YDP is one of the professional suppliers of the Air brake system and clutch servo for the commercial vehicles in the world.

High quality production and competitive price with professional service make YDP as a well-known company by several years experience in the independent after market. (IAM)

With a powerful team in the field of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) YDP has been achieve a worldwide satisfaction between the customers and end users of YDP production.

At YDP, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and technical experience, thus making us such as an original quality company, offering a friendly, professional, and extremely efficient service.

Highly experienced sales and product management teams to assist with general queries, technical issues, and application information.

Sales support in the way of promotions, promotional items, and advertising material.

The environment is one of our most important considerations, and it goes without saying that our products meet the high quality standards that you rightly expect of us.